sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

Handtec: En la vanguardia de la seguridad de las compras por internet.

Estoy teniendo una emocionante experiencia de comercio electrónico con Handtec (www.handtec.co.uk) con ocasión de la compra de un teléfono, que explicaría -en parte- por qué el Reino Unido se está yendo a la porra en beneficio de los dragones asiáticos: ignorancia, sobreprotección, burocratización y miedo a una tecnología que no perdona: o te mueves rápido, o estás fuera del mercado.

He aqui la secuencia de correos electrónicos intercambiados,

19 de julio.
Thank you for placing your first order with Handtec. As this is your first order the following information is required for us to securely process your order.

a) We can ship to a recognised place of work (nationally or internationally known) just reply back to this email address with your workplace details - If accepted your goods will be delivered to your workplace.

or .

b)     Please contact your card issuer/Bank for the Bank Authorisation Code (or Bank Transaction Code) relating to the Handtec Order. This is a unique code for this order and your card issuer will only give this information to the card holder. You can confirm the code to us via email (reply to this email), phone or fax. 
Kind regards
[W]: www.handtec.co.uk 
[E]:  info@handtec.co.uk
[T]: 0845 644 77 27
20 Julio:
Dear Sirs:
I have difficulties in getting the code you are requesting from my bank. In their view, it is a rather unusual procedure, since the transaction is "Visa Verified", therefore I am requesting that you proceed with shipment, or provide me with an alternate way of satisfying your request.
21 de julio:
Thank you for your email.

I am sorry but we are having difficulty validating your order details, 
we require a form of confirmation so we can validate your order and have
 this promptly shipped for you.

The best and quickest way to do this is to obtain the bank authorisation
 code, when payment has been put through you can contact your card 
issuer or bank for the Authorisation Code (or Transaction Code) relating
 to the payment.

This is a unique code , usually between 4 and 6 digits long, that is 
generated for every card transaction (as appears at the bottom of a 
store receipt) and your card issuer will only give this information to 
the card holder. 
When you confirm that code to us via email, phone or fax we will then be able ship your order.

However if you have difficulty in obtaining this code please call us so we can attempt to process this via alternative means.

Please do let us know if you have any difficulty with this.

21 de julio:
Dear Sirs:
Please read my previous mail (seams you haven't, since you are insisting on the same)
There is no war my bank can give me that code unless the transaction is completed, and it is not, therefore the code is not available to me.
My payment was made through VISA verified transaction, and your requirement is deemed unusual and unacceptable by my bank (BBVA, Spain). 

Provide me with an alternate way of completing the transaction, or cancel my order immediately so I can find an altternate provider for my purchase,  otherwise I will report my unfulfilled order as fraud to my bank and to VISA Europe.
21 de julio: 
Thanks for your email.
I am sorry but after checking the order details i can see the authorisation code we are looking for, we already have this confirmed and cannot understand why your bank wil not provide this, especially as we also have the payment already.
Nonetheless we will attempt to process this in an alternate manner for you, are you able to provide a workplace address so we can have this sent to you? or if possible can you send a form of ID showing your address details at all.
Please advise.

Kind regards.

21 de julio:

Dear sirs:
I pretty much insisted in obtaining such code from the bank. The transaction is reflected in the statement,  however I failed to obtain the code from them even if I have insisted today.
However, there is no problem to send you my National ID Card, attached to this message, which correctly shows my home address (c/********, same as the shipping address), should it suit you.

Kind regards:

22 de julio:

Thanks for your email.
Please can you advise further as to why your IP address is showing as your in South Africa?
Please advise.

Kind regards.

23 de julio:

Dear Sirs:

After asking a code that my bank cannot provide, and submitting my ID Card in  proof of my home address so as to validate the electronic purchase noted bellow, conducted through Visa Verified transaction by means of a debit card on my name, you are now further asking for an explanation
why my IP address is showing as I am in South Africa.

It is indeed a most relevant and convenient question to sort out the purchase of my Sonic XP2 phone ordered some time  and many mails ago now.

The explanation is simple:

I am a Chartered Civil Engineer (which you can easily verify by simply asking to the UK Institution of Civil Engineers, One George Street, London).

I am currently supervising a massive project in the Tropical Forest of Equatorial Guinea, where I am located now, and not in South Africa. I am connecting to the Internet through two satellite internet providers, one of them based in South Africa, the other one in the UK.

Despite busier with trying surviving the bites of Moskitos the size of a chinook helicopter, I am now wasting my time answering stupid questions to validate a stupid electronic transaction which has been granted by VISA Verified security system.

As soon as I am back to Spain, I guess my IP address will plenty release your suffering and concern about my unhealthy and rather risky traveling habits.

Anyway, you can perfectly make a call to the Spanish Consulate in Bata (Equatorial Guinea) and we can arrange for a physical identification of myself, which would surely be an innovative approach to electronic commerce security procedures, that I am sure Ebay themselves would seriously consider to incorporate to their secure payments standards.

Nevertheless, you may well accept some other alternatives which may well explain my stay in South Africa, if you insist to locate me there:

  • Because I am a Charlize Theron's secret lover and we arrange for a flaming sexual encounter in Cape Town, from time to time.
  • Because I am a member of the  Royal and very Honorable Foundation pro Nelson Mandela's Releasing from Prison, and I am participating in our annual protesting demonstration and assembly meeting these days in Pretoria. Unfortunately we have found out that Mr Mandela was released some time ago now,  therefore we are unlikely going to hold further meetings in support of the cause, so you should not be bothered for me traveling to the RSA in the future on this cause, should it be of any concern for our future electronic commerce relations.
  • Because I won a contest and I earned an all-included one week tourist pack for a pleasant stay in Soweto Golf and Resort.
  • Because my drugs and alcohol illegal importation base is located right there.

Please proceed with immediate shipment of my freaking phone purchase otherwise give my money back.

10 comentarios:

Inma dijo...

¡Es divertidísimo!

anele dijo...

¿De veras les has escrito el último mail? XDDDDDDDDDDD
No sé si les habrá quedado claro..

Francis dijo...

Tócate las narices con los british. Genial, jajaja. Seguro que te pasó? No será un remake de alguna de los Hermanos Marx?
P.S.: Cuando te canses de Charlize dale mi teléfono, please.

La rana dijo...

Tan cierto como que Charlize Theron no ha tenido a suertaza de conocerme.

La historia parece que va a tener un final feliz (y bastante surrealista). He aqui la contestación a mi último email:

Thank you for your purchase with Handtec..

This email is to notify you that your order has passed all security checks.

Your order is ready to be processed according to your selected delivery options and subject to stock availability.

Once your order is shipped you should receive tracking via email.

Please keep your order number safe for future reference to your purchase.

Handtec Order / Tracking Number:  *******
Kind Regards

cloti dijo...

¿Por qué todos los hombres del planeta piensan que en Sudáfrica sólo vive Chalize? ¡Con la de diamantes que tienen allí! ¡Bah!

Sergio Arán dijo...

JAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!¡¡¡ES BUENISIMO!!! Cuando Francis termine con Charlize, toda para mi, por favor.

Elphaba dijo...


La verdad es que en las últimas semanas también he tenido unos problemas tremendos con las puñeteras y obsoletas medidas de seguridad para comprar en internet. En mi caso el que pone los problemas también es mi banco, que imposibilita que pueda comprar en lugares que considera no seguros como RENFE o pueda reservar en mi hotel habitual (todo ello también Visa verified), pero no me facilita ninguna alternativa para que pueda hacer todo eso de una forma que consideren segura.

La única sugerencia por su parte es la de utilizar una tarjeta virtual. Pero ah, maravillas de la vida. Para comprar unas entradas no puedo utilizar una virtual porque me exigen presentar la tarjeta física cuando recojo las entradas en taquilla.
Para comprar unos billetes de tren de super oferta de Londres a Oxford, la National Rail dice que sólo te deja imprimirlos en casa si están comprados con una tarjeta británica (que me lo expliquen), que te los envían a casa sólo si resides en RU, y que si no, pues que los recojo allí en las mismas máquinas de la estación... con una tarjeta física, porque creo que las virtuales no encajan en la ranura...

Estoy a favor de que las compras por internet sean más seguras, dado que cada vez es un medio que utilizo más y no me haría gracia que me sisaran ni un céntimo, pero tienen que ofrecer alguna alternativa, digo yo.
Y curiosamente a pesar de que recibo varios paquetes desde Hong Kong y Japón al mes, y de que utilizo amazon, ebay, yesasia y otros regularmente, nunca he tenido problemas con ellos.

jose dijo...

Hola José Manuel
Desearía contactar a través de la red de LinkedIN, pero cada vez está mas dificil.
Necesitaria un email tuyo, e imagino el mismo que usas en la red LinkedIN, si no seran capaces de enviarme a SudAfrica a buscarte.

La rana dijo...

Jose, si quieres, pásame tu correo electronico y me pongo yo en cantacto contigo a través de Linkedin.

La rana dijo...

Pues al final me enviaron el (biiiiip) telefono. Menos mal que se lo tomaron con humor....

Francis, Sergievich, La Theron todita vuestra. Dicen que es una tipa bastante seca, arrogante y boba.

Elphaba, hasta los propios ingleses tienen un monton de problemas cuando pasan a residir en otro pais.

Respecto a las tarjetas, las virtuales por si solas no sirven (has dado un buen ejemplo de por qué).

Yo pedí una muy interesante de Neteller, que, además de tarjeta prepago tiene un programita que te genera un número de tarjeta virtual válido para una sola vez, lo que evita que, si te hackean el número, no les sirva de gran cosa.

Pero el caso es que me conecté desde áfrica y me hicieron ingresos desde el extranjero y me bloquearon la cuenta. El servicio es un desastre y te bloquean la cuenta de nada que la dirección IP les infonde la menor sospecha. Lo mismo que con el teléfono.

En fin.....que esto de comprar por internet con empresas inglesas es una odisea.